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In contemporary profile writing, there are several big-name writers who have mastered the art of incorporating humor into their profiles. Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Allison P. Davis, E. Alex Jung, and Caity Weaver are among these notable writers. One common technique they use is breaking the fourth wall to “tell the story of the story.” This approach can be seen throughout Brodesser-Akner’s profile of Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Humorous Approach to Profiles

Brodesser-Akner’s profile of Gwyneth Paltrow showcases her use of humor to bring a fresh perspective to the story. She takes on the role of a relative every-woman, reporting from Paltrow’s home and the Goop summit. Initially, Brodesser-Akner is skeptical about Goop’s promise of optimization. However, after attending the summit, she experiences a refreshing moment of rejuvenation. This temporary belief in Goop’s healing powers is short-lived as she faces the stress of trying to catch her flight home.

The Discrepancy Between Celebrities and Interviewers

The core of Brodesser-Akner’s profile lies in the contrast between what Paltrow takes for granted and the everyday stresses faced by Brodesser-Akner. Celebrities are not just like us, and they have teams, power, and priorities that the general public does not possess. While celebrities may deserve some degree of privacy, it is important to recognize the differences between their lives and those of their interviewers.

Exposing the Support Behind the Persona

The author expresses a growing disinterest in the illusion of simplicity and movie magic in profiles. Instead, they appreciate work that delves into the mechanics behind the scenes, revealing the base supporting the superstructure. The author suggests including the narratives of assistants, hairdressers, and nannies in celebrity profiles. They even humorously suggest that profiles should come with a data set detailing the number of people on a celebrity’s payroll.

A Critical Approach to Celebrity Profiles

The author believes that a critical approach to celebrity profiles is necessary in the age of clout economics. With celebrities having direct access to influential figures and the ability to shape public behavior, the responsibility of the media becomes crucial. The 4th Estate, as the author suggests, must exercise caution when covering celebrities and their influence.

The Seams of Persona

Profiles hold intrigue for the author due to their interest in examining the seams of persona. The facade of celebrity is often built upon the collective effort of numerous individuals, yet it is presented as an individual accomplishment. The author emphasizes that behind the persona showcased at events like the Met Gala or in magazine covers, there is a network of people working behind the scenes. The author even raises the question of why caretakers of celebrity personas, such as the woman responsible for maintaining Frank Sinatra’s hairpieces, are not given their own profiles.


In conclusion, contemporary profile writers like Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Allison P. Davis, E. Alex Jung, and Caity Weaver bring a fresh and humorous approach to their profiles. They break the fourth wall and offer insights into the story behind the story. The author of this article highlights the importance of recognizing the discrepancies between celebrities and interviewers, as well as the need for a critical approach to celebrity profiles. They also express an interest in shedding light on the support system behind a celebrity’s persona. Ultimately, profiles about celebrities FAQs should aim to provide a deeper understanding of the individuals behind the fame.

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