Brands Opt for Celebrity-Packed Super Bowl Ads to Maximize Impact


Brands are pushing the boundaries of how many celebrities they can cram into a single Super Bowl ad break. According to Vranica & Rattner of the Wall Street Journal, this trend is driven by the desire to stand out and generate buzz on social media. The use of celebrities in Super Bowl ads has become increasingly popular, with celebrity-free ads becoming a rarity in recent years. Advertisers are leveraging the massive followings of celebrities on social media to amplify their Super Bowl ad messages. In this article, we will explore how brands are capitalizing on the star power of celebrities in their Super Bowl commercials.

Brands Leverage Celebrities for Maximum Impact

Branding strategist Allen Adamson notes that brands are relying more on celebrities in their Super Bowl ads because of the pressure to break through the clutter. Celebrities help advertisers get noticed and tap into the buzz on social media. Social media has played a significant role in driving brands to enlist multiple well-known personalities in their commercials. By leveraging the massive followings of celebrities, advertisers can reach a wider audience and generate more engagement on social media platforms.

Rise of Celebrity-Filled Super Bowl Ads

Gone are the days when celebrity-free Super Bowl ads were the norm. Vranica & Rattner point out that these ads now account for less than a third of all commercials shown during the game in recent years. Brands have recognized the power of celebrities in capturing the attention of viewers and driving conversation on social media. One post or video from a celebrity can significantly amplify a Super Bowl ad message, making it worth the steep price tag for the big game.

Uber Eats Sets the Stage with a Star-Studded Lineup

Uber Technologies CEO Dara Khosrowshahi highlighted the strength of celebrities as media vehicles in a recent CNBC interview. Uber Eats’ upcoming Super Bowl commercial will feature a half-dozen celebrities, including David and Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Jelly Roll, and Usher. This star-studded lineup is expected to make a significant impact and generate buzz both during and after the game. Khosrowshahi emphasized that big stars and long timelines are the secret ingredients to making a Super Bowl ad worth it.

Key to Success: Big Stars and Long Timelines

According to Khosrowshahi, the $7 million cost for a 30-second spot is a substantial investment for companies looking to get their name in front of viewers. However, if brands are only focused on that moment of exposure, the price may not be worth it. Khosrowshahi believes that the real value lies in celebrities amplifying the advertising with their own social media presence. Jennifer Aniston, for example, has shared Uber Eats’ Super Bowl ad on her Instagram, further extending its reach and impact.

Celebrity-Packed Commercials Here to Stay

Corporate advertisers are expected to lean towards celebrities and lighthearted commercials during Super Bowl LVIII, rather than promoting social causes. Brands have realized that taking a stand on political or controversial issues can be treacherous when marketing products to a diverse consumer base. Instead, they are embracing ensemble celebrity casts in their commercials and teaser videos released before the game. This trend allows brands to leverage the star power of multiple celebrities and create more memorable and engaging advertisements.


Brands are increasingly turning to celebrities to maximize the impact of their Super Bowl commercials. By enlisting multiple well-known personalities, advertisers can tap into the massive followings of celebrities on social media and generate buzz around their ads. The use of celebrities in Super Bowl ads has become the norm, with celebrity-free ads becoming rare. As brands continue to invest in star-studded commercials, viewers can expect more lighthearted and entertaining ads during Super Bowl LVIII.

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