Night Tales Release Mesmerizing Deep House Single “Ready”

Night Tales has built a name for themselves in the house and deep house scene with a very unique sound that has allowed them to crossover into more commercial markets. Their latest single “Ready” is another great tune, with a captivating blend of drums, synths, and horns, expertly crafted by Night Tales to enthrall listeners. The groove-filled instrumental lays a solid foundation for the mesmerizing lyrics that follow.

As the track progresses, it builds anticipation before reaching its climactic chorus, characterized by a deep house bassline seamlessly fused with crisp percussion, ethereal echoes, and commanding vocals. True to Night Tales’ style, the duo keeps audiences engaged with fresh soundscapes and infectious rhythms throughout the latter half of “Ready.”

Delving into the creative process behind the track, Night Tales reveals that “Ready” was born from a collection of samples sourced from Splice and the Serato sampler. This sonic amalgamation incorporates a variety of elements, including melodies, pitch shifters, autotune, and more. The song’s anthem-like quality is further enhanced by the intensity and diversity of the drums, with the duo experimenting extensively with rhythms and musical beds to evoke the desired emotions in the final product.

“‘Ready’ is about the confidence that comes along with someone that feels right for you. In a way, it communicates a sense of commitment in a relationship. On a personal level, the vibe this track radiates is ‘I feel great about where this is going, let’s take it further.’”Night Tales

Listen below!

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