Elohim Drops Booming Bass Heavy Single “Tiny Human”

Continuing her streak of singles leading up to her forthcoming album, Elohim follows the success of “Can’t Remember Your Name” with “Tiny Human,” embracing a dark, dance-infused vibe akin to artists like Rezz. This departure from her previous brightness underscores the idea that we’re all insignificant specks in the universe, prompting introspection into the meaning of our lives.

“At the end of the day we are all humans who were at one time in a womb and we are minuscule. I wish more people were humble and grounded and we could go into situations and be ourselves.”  – Elohim

In “Tiny Human,” Elohim delves into the delicate balance of feeling lost in the crowd while navigating moments of deep introspection. Wrapped in human vulnerability, the song explores universal experiences of longing and the quest for meaning in a vast world. It builds seamlessly into a booming drop, packed with a throbbing bass line and thundering drums, infusing it with undeniable energy.

Elohim’s personal journey, marked by a battle with anxiety and prescription medication misuse, highlights the importance of mental health awareness in the music industry. Her decision to continue releasing music amid adversity serves as a testament to resilience, channeling her struggles into profound musical expression that resonates with others.

Listen below!

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