Citadelle Drop Addictive New Remix for Matisse & Sadko’s “Pull Me Through the Fire”

French production duo Citadelle are back with a banging new remix of Matisse & Sadko’s recent track “Pull Me Through the Fire.” The Citadelle remix retains the original’s looping synth melody and vocals, but gives the track a darker, more progressive house tone, akin to the sound that’s been dominating festival stages this past year.

The track opens up with some light synth pads over the yearning vocals. It soon becomes clear that this will be more than just a lo-fi house tune, the buildup over the vocals is outstanding production. The drop incorporates the original’s loopy synth, but it both broadens and deepens the sound of the original. The bass and underlying synths provide an oomph that that original just doesn’t have.

Get your fix of dark progressive house and listen to the Citadelle Remix of Matisse & Sadko’s “Pull Me Through the Fire” out now on STMPD. Check out their live performance from the STMPD studios as well.

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