JSTJR Drops New Hard Techno Heater “4321”

JSTJR is back with another incredible single, “4321” highlighting his techno and psy-trance bonafides. “4321” is an energetic dance track that incorporates a non-stop bassline along with some exploratory synths. “4321” is like an episode of True Detective, you tread carefully until you uncover something major. In this case it’s the insatiable bassline of the track

“This track was inspired by late nights that turned into mornings with my best friends. The song and lyrics are a musical manifestation of all my favorite raves, festivals, and warehouse parties. Don’t stop til we see the sun, partying while we’re still young! A raver’s anthem for 2024, I wanted the song to sound like a little bit of techno and trance with some classic rave sounds” – JSTJR

Check out the latest from JSTJR, “4321” out now on Dim Mak. Check out JSTJR and 4B dropping relentless hard techno at Countdown NYE as well. 2024 is shaping up to be a huge year for the genre-less producer. Whether it’s hard techno or reggaeton, JSTJR has something up his sleeve. Check out JSTR’s latest, “4321” out now on Dim Mak.

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