Original Slinky Toy JUST $1.99 on Amazon (Classic Stocking Stuffer!)


The Original Slinky

Amazon has deals on old-school toys, too!

Spring on over to Amazon to snag The Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy for just $1.99 (regularly $4.99)!

As another option, this may be available on for in-store pickup!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a Slinky in your stocking! 🤚 This timeless toy is fun for both kids and adults alike! These make great additions to birthday gifts, grab bags, white elephant exchanges, or stocking stuffers!

The Original Slinky

Check out these reviews…

My two-year-old loves a slinky but will tangle a plastic one in record time. I bought four plastic ones at the dollar store and they were all tangled in less than a week. He got this metal one for Christmas and it was a HUGE hit. He plays with it daily and shows it no mercy. It’s still in the same condition as day one. I’m impressed by the quality and I really like that my son gets to enjoy a traditional toy.

I saw online the clever idea of using a slinky over a bird feeder pole to thwart squirrels. I wasn’t sure this would work with the diabolical ones around here but did have hopes that it would at least block chipmunks. I attached it with a couple of tie-wraps and a hose clamp and so far, so good! None of those otherwise adorable little rodents have managed to empty our feeder (yet). Squirrels haven’t succeeded either, and it’s been about two weeks.

If we see them trying it’ll at least be fun to watch. I suspect that the slinky will eventually rust but buying one a year is still a lot cheaper than the bags of sunflower seeds.

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