A genomic mutational constraint map using variation in 76,156 human genomes

  • S.C., L.C.F., J.K.G., Q.W., A.O.-L., H.L.R., M.J.D., B.M.N., D.G.M. and K.J.K. contributed to the writing of the manuscript and generation of figures. S.C., R.L.C., M.K. and K.J.K. contributed to the analysis of data. L.C.F., Q.W., C.V., L.D.G., T.P., C.S., M.E.T., B.M.N. and K.J.K. developed tools and methods. L.C.F., J.K.G., J.A., M.W.W., Y.T., W.P., M.T.Y., Z.K., Y.F., E.B., S.D., S.G., N.G., S.F., C.T., S.N., L.B., D.R., V.R.-R., M.C., C.L., N.P., G.W., T.J., R.M., K.T., A.R.M., G.T. and K.J.K. contributed to the production and quality control of the gnomAD dataset. N.A.W., R.G., M.S. and K.J.K. contributed to the gnomAD browser. All authors listed under The Genome Aggregation Database Consortium contributed to the generation of the primary data incorporated into the gnomAD resource. All authors reviewed the manuscript.

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