Imazee Releases Global Groove ‘Dark Dream’ EP via Rebel Musique

Imazee, the artist born out of a profound love for music, takes center stage with his latest Deep House EP, ‘Dark Dream.’ Released via Rebel Musique, the independent label that empowers artists to embrace their destinies, this EP is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a rebel anthem that echoes through the realms of electronic music.

Imazee’s dedication to Deep House is evident in every beat and melody of ‘Dark Dream.’ The EP is a sonic journey that captures the essence of creativity within the genre and Imazee’s evolution as an artist. 

As the beats of ‘Dark Dream’ reverberate, listeners are invited to express themselves through rhythm and melody on the dancefloor. Imazee’s self-taught production and mixing skills shine, creating a seamless blend of sounds that create an invigorating and introspective atmosphere,

Imazee’s passion for music combined with Rebel Musique’s support creates an unstoppable force. The relaxed expression of creativity is palpable in every beat, making ‘Dark Dream’ a must-listen for anyone seeking a dance worthy experience.

Immerse yourself in the musical universe of Imazee on Youtube and discover the Deep House revelation of ‘Dark Dream’ on Spotify and Apple Music.

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