What happened to Arecibo Observatory Telescope ? (Analyzing Collapse Footages )


The Arecibo Observatory and Arecibo Telescope suddenly collapsed at the first day of December of 2020. The Arecibo Observatory was one of the most important structures in the world of science and space tech, and Arecibo Telescope was the most important space telescope to exist.

This structure was situated in Puerto Rico and owned by United States Science Foundation. It was adjoined with Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program and contributed in science through gaining few nobel prizes and making few groundbreaking discoveries.

Despite of being so crucial, Arecibo’s funding had been slowly and gradually dried up for 14 years since 2006. This was mixed up with disputes over the exact nature of how reduced funding would be continued that led to the resignation of an executive as well. Arecibo was also damaged in 2017 by the ravages of Hurricane Maria. Those natural attack and neglect in maintenance made the structure weak. Damaged cable, missing cable, broken cable of the structure is the visible reason of its fall. However, collapse of the structure was actually the result of overlooking by upper management.

The scale of the crash was horrendously huge, and a drone was able to capture the once-in-a-lifetime event of the collapse. For such a historically important and impactful telescope, it is very painful to know that it was not taken care of that very well at all. We can only hope that a repetition of such events does not happen with newer radio telescopes. These wonders of mankind should be retired with respect at the end of their service lives for their contributions in pushing humanity towards the endless frontiers of space.

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