Trump Republic Radio | #29 | "Moore Good News" (10/1/17)



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This week on Trump Republic Radio we look at the unfair criticism of Trump’s response to Puerto Rico, as well as the resegnation of Tom Price as HHS Secretary after a scandal over him using chartered planes. We also cover the Republican’s tax proposal and Steve Scalise returning to Congress. We also discuss the victory of Roy Moore in the Alabama Republican senate runoff race and the consequences of the seemingly-unstoppaable MAGA movement. Internationally, we see Catalonia vote for independence from Spain and the Kurds vote for independence from Iraq, as well as Saudi Arabia finally letting women drive. All that and more on Trump Republic Radio!
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0:57 – Trump vs. Puerto Rico
16:25 – HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns amid plane scandal
23:42 – Trump preparing executive order to allow people to buy health insurance across state lines
29:15 – Republicans release tax reform proposal
51:02 – Steve Scalise returns to Congress after recovering from shooting
55: 26 – Economic News (2nd quarter GDP revised up to 3.1%; Manufacturing confidence at all-time high; S&P 500 and Nasdaq continue to reach record high)
1:09:01 – Science/Tech news (NASA begins testing new 2,179mph sonic jet)
1:12:49 – Immigration news (Construction begins on border wall prototypes; New countries added to travel ban; Government cost of illegal immigration; Mexican chain migration data; Admin sets new 2018 refugee quota; DOJ suing company for not hiring illegals; DHS planning to collect social media data on all immigrants; ICE arrests 450 during 2-day operation)
1:53:40 – 2018 Elections news (Roy Moore beats Luther Strange in Alabama Republican senate runoff race)
2:16:50 – Other news (Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison; Depressing civics education stats; Media burries Tennessee church shooting story; Admin limiting access to opiods; 110 million Americans have STDs; NFL protesting controversy)
2:44:44 – Current Year Colleg Craziness (Colleges installing ballpits to give students emotional support; Students protest Ben Shapiro at college he didn’t go to; Professor calls meritocracy “white supremacy”; NYU librarian wites pro-Antifa violence essay; Free speech ball triggers many)
3:05:42 – European news (Catalonio independence vote; Russia blocks porn websites; Germany migrant job stats; Knife terror attack in France)
3:15:21 – Asian news (North Korea claims US has declared war and threatens to shoot down our planes; South Korea requests US move war command to their country)
3:19:15 – North American news (Canada getting tired of illegal immigrants; ISIS terror attack in Edmonton)
3:22:33 – Middle Eastern news (Kurds vote for independence from Iraq; Saudi Arabia to finally let women drive)


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