The Implant


While discussing Sidra, a woman he has been dating from their health club, Jerry is shocked when Elaine claims that Sidra has had implants. Worried that she may be right, Jerry asks Elaine to investigate by spying on Sidra in the sauna. Meanwhile, having gotten nowhere after nine dates, George is about to make his move on Betsy when a phone call brings the news of the death of her Aunt Clarisse. In the gym sauna, Elaine is certain that Sidra has breast implants and, upset with the news, Jerry claims he cannot date her any longer. Complaining about his lack of progress with Betsy, George is encouraged to take advantage of her aunt’s funeral to advance his cause. Though he is reluctant to fly to Detroit because of the expense, Kramer tells George about a special fare for family deaths and offers to pay half of the cost in order to get the frequent flyer miles for himself. As Elaine is in the sauna listening to Sidra complain about being dumped by her boyfriend, Elaine accidentally stumbles and grabs her voluptuous breasts to break her fall. With Elaine now claiming they are real, Jerry is determined to find out for himself, while George is told that he will need to produce a copy of a death certificate in order to get the discount fare. Playing the role of the loyal boyfriend, George is making progress with Betsy until an argument over chip dipping causes a fight with her brother Timmy. Appalled by his behavior, Betsy and her family throw George out of the house, leaving him without the death certificate he needs. Having invited Sidra over to his apartment, Jerry is upset when Kramer stops in to borrow a bathing suit for a trip to Puerto Rico. Then, when Elaine drops by, Sidra realizes she was set up and leaves after criticizing Jerry for sending his friend to investigate her breasts. Finally, despite having a photograph of him standing next to Aunt Clarisse’s coffin, George cannot convince the ticket agent to give him the discount. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


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