Strange beam of light creating a tower in skies of China and more news


In a scene closer to science fiction and Hollywood films, a cloud glowed in China, to emerge from it a blue ray of light and draw a wonderful tower, extending from the bright point in the sky, heading to the earth in front of the eyes of many eyewitnesses in an amazing scene.
This wonderful scene appeared in the sky of Shenyang, China.

Residents are seen taking pictures of the bizarre light formation that appeared.
Mystery surrounded the strange beam of light in skies of China.
Images of the mysterious cloud began to circulate on the internet, and soon several theories began to emerge suggesting that, the phenomenon was a UFO, HAARP project, or even something supernatural.

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In Illinois, a group of glowing UFOs flying toward Lake Michigan.
A group of five UFOs flew low across the street, toward Lake Michigan without any sound, only light and flashes emitted from the UFOs

In Hollywood, California, United States, an unidentified flying object constantly changes its shape and color, and flies in a smart way near an aircraft in the night sky.


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