Microsoft Teams online meetings with student groups or anyone via their email


Want to run effective distance learning meetings with Office 365 Education? Microsoft Teams for Education is easy to set up, allowing you to join and run online meetings with anyone. This webinar teaches first-time users of Microsoft Teams how to get started. With Microsoft Teams, you can host online meetings, also known as video conference calls, with groups of students or people external to your institution using just their email address.

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00:00 Intro to Microsoft Teams
08:16 How to access Microsoft Teams
10:13 Schedule online meeting
13:52 Invite external guest using their email address
16:22 Join online meeting
19:36 Share screen during meeting
20:59 Manage chat with students during meeting
22:18 Use Microsoft Whiteboard during meeting
23:15 Collaborate on documents
24:57 Accessibility with Immersive Reader
27:48 View chat and recordings after meeting
30:16 Training resources

Get started:
Microsoft Whiteboard capabilities in meetings:

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