IN DA TECH NEWS! Tmo in Puerto Rico || AT&T TV || AT&T & LeBron! || DirecTV sale!? || Verizon || 5g


*** PSA – if you have an unlocked s20 on AT&T, make sure to call and get the IMEI changed to the new phone for 5g access. Especially if upgrading from a non 5g phone. ***

T-Mobile GOOD STUFF in Puerto Rico!


LEBRON partners with AT&T!

No more AT&T TV Now or Watch!? Bah!

AT&T open to selling DTV!

Beaver Seeds - Get Out and Grow Spring Sasquatch 300x250

LG V60 Verizon 5g UWB!

CRAZY 4.2Gbps Verizon 5g speeds

Verizon views CBRS, C-band in ‘very different ways’

T-Mobile doesn’t wanna pay location data fine from FCC. Sheesh!

All 5G Networks flawed


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