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Getaway to Guánica, Puerto Rico for Beach Watersports, Spa, Hiking Trails and Lighthouse Ruins

The home base for this gorgeous getaway in Guánica is the Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa on the southern coast of Puerto Rico.

Las Palmas Café is an open air restaurant and bar overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The menu has a great selection of tasty burgers and sandwiches, delicious salads, and plenty of fish.

Nearby Attractions
The Ruinas del Faro de Guánica is located on the windy coastal road to Copamarina. The Guánica lighthouse was abandoned years ago, and the 2020 earthquakes destroyed what was left of the exterior walls.

Bosque Estatal de Guánica is an almost 10,000 acre nature reserve featuring subtropical dry forests and a variety of hiking trails. Register at the ranger station before beginning your hike and remember to bring plenty of water. There are tons of trails in the reserve and the Ranger can recommend appropriate trails for your skill level and allotted time.

Ni Spa at Copamarina offers a variety of spa services, including an overwater gazebo massage!
The lotus flower massage oil and fresh ocean air are the perfect ingredients for relaxation. The massage oil, as well as the body wash, shampoo & conditioner are locally made and smell amazing!

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The spa facilities are small and intimate, with steam room and outdoor showers.
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