FUN Things To Do In Puerto Rico


2022 travel destinations are in full swing! Planning a trip to Puerto Rico soon? Here is a list of things to do in Puerto Rico from dining, beaches and even zip-lining Americas longest zip line, El Monstruo!

We were in Puerto Rico for 4 days but packed so much into each day!

Day 1: Walked around Old San Juan and had dinner at this amazing restaurant called Marmalade which offered a 5 course meal! We treated Lorenas mom to this special place and she absolutely loved it!! My wallet not so much as we paid with tip and taxes over $600 for the three of us but we knew that going into it and we don’t regret it!

Day 2: Woke up early to grab breakfast at Kasalta which was incredible!! Price per person came out to about $10 for a decent breakfast and beverage. We then headed on over to Luquillo Beach and arguably now one of my favorite beaches! You can spend all day there and not run out of things to do, they even have a strip of kiosks where they sell food and souvenirs. Don’t make the same mistake we did, go HUNGRY!! While we didn’t eat because we had a decent sized breakfast, the food looked incredible! When visiting make sure to go to Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico!

Later on that night we had dinner at Raices for some authentic Puerto Rican Mofongo!!

Day 3: Zip line El Monstruo over at Toro Verde!! This was definitely one of the highlights on this trip! It is currently the largest zip line in the Americas and it sure felt like it! With 1.5 miles worth of tree lines and creeks to view as you zip down the path, it wont disappoint!

After Toro Verde, we headed on over to La Placita for a few local beers (Medalla) and some Piña Coladas! At La Placita, many locals gather to hang out, gran a drink or even dance on the streets! Feel free to dance with one of the locals, they’re all very friendly and are just there to have a good time!

Day 4: Our last day… But we didn’t let that slow us down, we had breakfast at Mallorca and OMGGGGG that was sooo good! A Puerto Rican sweet bread with powder sugar on top and filled with your choice of ham or cheese or both! Trust me, make sure to check it out!

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We then headed on over to Castillo San Felipe del Morro prior to our flight and im so glad we did!! The views and rich history was something not to miss!

Overall, our mini weekend getaway to Puerto Rico was spectacular and highly recommend for anyone watching this to go on and visit the beautiful island of Puerto Rico!

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