Following Fan, Person-Tracking Smart Fan, Now Commercially Available


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Minneapolis, MN, February 05, 2022 –(– Today, Following Fan LLC, a fan technology company specializing in machine learning and computer vision, announced that they have launched their first product: a 20” Person-Tracking Pedestal Fan. Since launching in 2020, Following Fan has been developing a new type of fan for use in auto shops, home gyms, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities: person-tracking smart fans.

Person-Tracking Technology
Following Fan utilizes patent-pending technology to sense the surrounding environment and automatically rotate to stay pointed at the desired user. The human tracking fan uses a camera embedded into the center of the fan grill in conjunction with a powerful onboard computer to detect the location of people in real time using an advanced computer vision algorithm. Once the target person is identified, the fan rotates to center the air flow on the user. This robotic fan system is the first of its kind and offers unparalleled cooling efficiency compared to other smart industrial pedestal fans of the same size.

In addition to its person-tracking mode, Following Fan also offers oscillation and stationary modes to ensure that it is well suited for situations where person-tracking is not required (ex: cooling car engines in an auto shop).

Smart Sleeping Saves Energy
Outside of its superior cooling performance, the Following Fan is also energy efficient. When the tracked person leaves the area, the fan will scan its 135° range of motion to find the next closest person. If no one else is around, the fan will automatically go to sleep to save energy (also known as Smart Sleeping). The fan will continue to sense the environment and will wake up when someone returns. This means that the Following Fan is only running when you need it, eliminating waste and maximizing efficiency.

About Following Fan LLC
Following Fan LLC was founded in July 2020 by Nathan Oelke and Jonathan Cabak. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Following Fan LLC is working to improve life through automation. While the 20″ Person-Tracking Pedestal Fan is their first product, be on the lookout for future product releases that aim to automate the world.

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