The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 to cost more than its predecessor

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 may be $100 more expensive than its predecessor, based on leaked pricing. The change will be across all storage options – from what we know so far, it will be the same 256GB, 512GB and 1TB options as last year.

We’ve seen benchmarks, but they’ve only shown 12GB of RAM (that is not to say 16GB is impossible, but we have no evidence of such a configuration). Anyway, here are the prices of the upcoming Z Fold6, compared against the launch prices of the Z Fold5.

US pricing Galaxy Z Fold5 Galaxy Z Fold6
12GB/256GB $1,800 $1,900
12GB/512GB $1,920 $2,020
12GB/1TB $2,160 $2,260

Mind you, the launch promo campaign will likely include the traditional free storage upgrade, so you should be able to get the 512GB model for $1,900. Other perks are expected too, things like discounts on accessories for those who pre-order.

Note that these are the expected prices for the US market. Of course, the price hike is expected to propagate to other markets too.

Another important number is also changing: the weight. The Galaxy Z Fold6 will weigh 239g, making it 14g lighter than its predecessor. The phone will be available in these colors: Silver Shadow, Navy and Pink. There should be some exclusive colors too.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 is expected to cost more than its predecessor

The Galaxy Z Fold6 (and Z Flip6) will support Galaxy AI features and there should be some new things included, not just what we saw with the Galaxy S24 (and earlier) series. They might even be exclusive to the new foldables, which might make up for some of the price hike.


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