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Amstrad Australia Day – 22 June 2024 in Sydney!

Amagni started a discussion about the upcoming Amstrad Australia Day event, which will take place on 22 June 2024 in Sydney. The event aims to bring together Amstrad enthusiasts from Australia to celebrate the legacy of the CPC computer and share their love for retro gaming.

Benediction Coding Party 4

Roudoudou announced the fourth edition of the Benediction Coding Party. The event will be held in Gavray sur Sienne, France, from 27th to 30th October. The Coding Party provides a platform for Amstrad CPC developers to showcase their coding skills and create new games and demos.

AMSTEAM: WIP game streaming service for the Amstrad CPC

Abalore shared an exciting project called AMSTEAM, a work-in-progress game streaming service for the Amstrad CPC. The service aims to enable players to stream games directly to their Amstrad CPC computers, allowing access to a wide range of games without the need for physical copies.

Alcon 2020 released

Abalore announced the release of Alcon 2020, a highly anticipated game for the Amstrad CPC. The game features stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, making it a must-play for all Amstrad enthusiasts.

Amstrad Sakis interview on Retro Games Couple

Skylas shared an interview with Amstrad Sakis on the Retro Games Couple podcast. In the interview, Amstrad Sakis discusses his passion for the Amstrad CPC and shares insights into his game development process.

25 years ago…

Genesis8 started a discussion reflecting on events that took place 25 years ago in the Amstrad CPC community. The thread invites members to share their memories and experiences from that time.

Release of Amstrad CPC CRTC Compendium (and Amazing Demo Rev 2021)

Longshot announced the release of the Amstrad CPC CRTC Compendium, a comprehensive guide to the CPC’s Cathode Ray Tube Controller. The compendium aims to provide developers with a deep understanding of the CRTC and its capabilities. Additionally, the Amazing Demo Rev 2021 was released, showcasing the latest advancements in CPC demo programming.

4th AMSCII Compo

Logiker started a discussion about the 4th AMSCII Compo, a competition for creating ASCII art on the Amstrad CPC. The thread invites participants to submit their entries and showcase their creativity.

Songs About Coding (on an Amstrad)

Seanmcmanus initiated a conversation about songs related to coding on the Amstrad CPC. Members shared their favorite songs and discussed the influence of music on their coding experience.

Retro Hour podcast interview with Roland Perry

Mark_wllms shared a link to an interview with Roland Perry on the Retro Hour podcast. In the interview, Roland Perry discusses his experiences in the Amstrad CPC scene and shares insights into his game development career.

THE SUGARS! – The Amstream Amstrad Video Game Awards Show! 2023 – 2024

XeNoMoRPH announced the upcoming Amstream Amstrad Video Game Awards Show, known as THE SUGARS! The event aims to celebrate the best Amstrad CPC games released between 2023 and 2024. Members are encouraged to nominate their favorite games for various award categories.

Zilog stops manufacturing Z80 CPUs around June 2024

Cpcitor started a discussion about Zilog’s decision to stop manufacturing Z80 CPUs. Members expressed their concerns about the impact this decision may have on the Amstrad CPC community and retro computing enthusiasts.

Amstrad Addict magazine

CrookieMonster shared exciting news about the launch of Amstrad Addict magazine. The magazine aims to provide in-depth coverage of the Amstrad CPC scene, including game reviews, interviews, and technical articles.

The CPC 464 turned 40 today!

BSC announced that the Amstrad CPC 464 computer celebrated its 40th anniversary. Members shared their memories of the CPC 464 and discussed its impact on the computing industry.

Oh Chute! now available for the GX4000/Plus, physical and digital!

Cwiiis shared the release of Oh Chute! game for the GX4000/Plus. The game is now available in both physical and digital formats, offering players a thrilling gaming experience.

Norecess464 introduced a new tool called CATRUN, designed to streamline the CAT+RUN workflow on the Amstrad CPC. The tool aims to simplify the process of running programs from cassette tapes.

FutureSoft welcomes Hans Hübner!!!

Gunhed announced that FutureSoft welcomed Hans Hübner to their team. The addition of Hans Hübner is expected to bring new expertise and innovative ideas to FutureSoft’s software development projects.

#CPCRetroDev 2023

CPCRetroDev initiated a discussion about the #CPCRetroDev 2023 competition. The competition invites developers to create new games for the Amstrad CPC and compete for various awards.

Klingon, Elfish, Gutenberg – 53 new fonts and editor for SymbOS by Prevtenet

Prodatron shared an exciting update about the release of 53 new fonts and an editor for SymbOS by Prevtenet. The new fonts, including Klingon, Elfish, and Gutenberg, provide users with a wide range of options for customizing their SymbOS experience.


Skylas shared a tribute to Vassilis Karras on the Amstrad CPC. The thread celebrates Vassilis Karras’ contributions to the Amstrad community and showcases his impressive work.

Amstrad is back

CrookieMonster shared news about the return of Amstrad. The brand is making a comeback and is expected to release new products that cater to retro computing enthusiasts.

Lovebyte 2024 is live!

BSC announced the launch of Lovebyte 2024, a digital event that celebrates the Amstrad CPC community. The event features discussions, game showcases, and competitions.

SOLITAIRE – the famous card game finally out for SymbOS!

Prodatron shared the release of SOLITAIRE, a popular card game now available for SymbOS. The game offers hours of entertainment for SymbOS users.

SUDOKU – number puzzle game by Prevtenet (SymbOS/Quigs)

Prodatron announced the release of SUDOKU, a challenging number puzzle game for SymbOS. The game is designed to test players’ logic and problem-solving skills.

Read full EBooks on your CPC – new release by Prevtenet

Prodatron shared an update about a new release by Prevtenet that allows users to read full eBooks on their CPC computers. The release aims to enhance the reading experience on the Amstrad CPC.

64 NOPs • Issue 2

Toms introduced the second issue of 64 NOPs, a CPC magazine that focuses on programming and technical aspects of the Amstrad CPC. The magazine provides valuable insights and tutorials for aspiring developers.

CPC Scene Radio!

Targhan announced the launch of CPC Scene Radio, a podcast dedicated to the Amstrad CPC scene. The podcast features interviews with developers, discussions about new releases, and insights into the CPC community.

musik200 xmas 2023 xmas edition musik disk released!

BSC shared the release of the musik200 xmas 2023 edition, a music disk featuring holiday-themed tracks for the Amstrad CPC. The disk offers a festive experience for Amstrad enthusiasts.

HxC Manager V4.0 released!

Norecess464 announced the release of HxC Manager V4.0, a tool designed to manage and organize files on HxC Floppy Emulators. The update brings new features and improvements to enhance the user experience.

News: 2023 Update of FutureOS just got released…

Gunhed shared news about the release of the 2023 update of FutureOS. The update brings new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the FutureOS experience on the Amstrad CPC.

Amtix #7 online

Seanmcmanus shared the release of Amtix #7, an online magazine dedicated to the Amstrad CPC. The magazine covers various topics related to the CPC scene, including game reviews, interviews, and tutorials.

Memory Full: a book about the history of Amstrad CPC demoscene

Hicks announced the release of Memory Full, a book that explores the history of the Amstrad CPC demoscene. The book provides insights into the development of demos and their impact on the CPC community.

Book: From ants to zombies

Targhan introduced a new book called “From Ants to Zombies.” The book covers a wide range of topics related to the Amstrad CPC, including game development, programming, and hardware.

Benediction Coding Party #3 | October 27th – 30th | Gavray sur Sienne, France

Toms announced the third edition of the Benediction Coding Party. The event will take place in Gavray sur Sienne, France, from 27th to 30th October. The Coding Party provides a platform for Amstrad CPC developers to showcase their coding skills and create new games and demos.

Nouvelle collection de jeux pour Amstrad CPC

Mananuk shared the release of a new collection of games for the Amstrad CPC. The collection features a variety of games that offer hours of entertainment for CPC enthusiasts.

Amstrad on Pawn Stars

Zhulien started a discussion about an episode of Pawn Stars that featured an Amstrad CPC computer. Members shared their thoughts on the episode and discussed the value of the Amstrad CPC in the collector’s market.

Amstrad CPC on an Exoplanet

Prodatron shared an interesting article about the Amstrad CPC being discovered on an exoplanet. The article explores the possibility of alien civilizations using the CPC computer for their own purposes.

ACUC Magazine NO: 1 (Amstrad CPC User Club Magazine)

DoctorCPC announced the release of ACUC Magazine NO: 1, a magazine dedicated to the Amstrad CPC user club. The magazine features articles, tutorials, and news related to the CPC community.

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