Try these 4 DIY Boudoir Shoot Tips for a Little Self-Love this Valentine’s Day!

Although Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (time flies, huh?), TCF wants to encourage you to practice a little self-love all year round. We have all had a tough couple of years and may still be in the thick of it! We have just the remedy: a DIY boudoir shoot.

When was the last time you took pictures of your full self? Not a selfie, not hiding behind a group of friends, but just of YOU?! Now is the perfect time to break out some sexy lingerie or that dress that hugs all your curves just right and makes you feel amazing. Set up your props and camera, and most importantly, feel good about yourself! Nothing says self-love like a DIY Boudoir Shoot.

Supplies You Need for a DIY Boudoir Shoot

When some people see or hear the acronym “DIY,” their eyes begin to roll. But the wonderful thing about DIY boudoir is this: It is for YOU! There are no time constraints, awkward moments, or running up a tab. Also, don’t be misled into thinking that DIY is low-budget.

Just because it’s DIY, doesn’t mean your boudoir shoot has to be cheaply put together! If social media hasn’t taught us anything, it should have taught us how to be resourceful in selecting items needed for DIY photoshoots or reels. I like to call it gorgeously affordable!

There are so many options to make your shoot unforgettable, from colorful backdrops to trinkets, pillows, and more! Think about what you want and go for it. Take notes on different concepts and even poses. Share your ideas with your closest friends for additional ideas and inspiration if you want!

Most importantly, have fun with it!

4 DIY Boudoir Shoot Tips for a Little More Self-Love

1. Get in the Right Head Space

Not too long ago, there was an article in TCF that was all about affirmations. So, before you get into switching up your space or digging through drawers to find your favorite lace stockings, take some time to get your mind right. This moment is for you!

Go back and read 21 Self-Care & Self-Love Affirmations for Plus People, then sit a while – all to yourself. Be thankful for the moment and for being present in 2024. Celebrate your body and its imperfections. Speak life into your heart and smile! You are beautiful!

2. Set the Stage

Image via Anete Lusina via Pexels

You are your own director! A “classic boudoir” is a woman’s bedroom or private sitting area — hence the French word “boudoir”. However, in 2024, we are doing whatever we want to do! So set the stage anywhere you desire.

Want to stick with the “bedroom” scene? Make up a beautiful bed with beautiful linens and fluffy pillows, or don’t. You can be as neat or as messy as you want. Have a dope window that faces a fantastic view? Take a photo looking out onto the horizon!

Want to do a kitchen scene? Depending on what you have in mind, you may or may not want to clean it up! Have a plain color or even a textured wall? Use it as your backdrop, or you can create or buy your own. This is your DIY moment!

3. Get the Look!

Of course, what you wear or not wear is totally up to you and your comfort, so consider stepping outside of your own box and trying something new to make you feel sexy, sultry, and sensational!

Choose your makeup look, shoes (if any), and accessories. Go for it! Check out different looks on Pinterest or even search “Plus Size Boudoir Ideas” for some added inspiration!

Clara Latte and Black Lace Harness and Bra at

4. Ready for Your Close-Up?

You have set the stage and created your look (or looks). You know where and how you will pose (or at least have some idea). Great! So, what about the camera? Cellphone? Whichever option you use, I would suggest a tripod to have the freedom to move around. If not, then prop up your phone using what you got!

Play around with lighting, either with a ring light or whatever you have. Don’t stress over what you don’t have, and only focus on what you have. Do a few test runs to check for spacing. Use little pieces of paper to mark where you should be to flow creatively!

Do you have a close friend or chill family member who can be a photographer for the day? By all means, use them or even make it a day with your closest friends and take turns! Solo or not, the key is to enjoy yourself!

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