The Educational Power of Documentary Films

Documentary films have the power to transform lives. They can educate people and illuminate social issues. These films can evoke emotions as they immerse viewers in the lives of other individuals. A documentary for students can play an important role in education today. Educators can use them to build social and emotional awareness in students, expose them to real world problems, and much more.

Learning about real world issues

Documentary films tackle real world problems in a way that makes them more understandable to students. They may cover environmental crises, social inequality, or poverty. They cover everything from historical events to stories about individual triumphs. When they inspire conversations and raise awareness in students they will often prompt them to take action. A good documentary for high school students will often tackle issues that affect them directly. It may cover issues such as substance abuse or gender identity. This can lead to revelatory discussions that have a big impact on the life of a student struggling with such issues.

Reflecting on historical documentary films

After viewing and discussing historical documentary films in class educators often set assignments. Documentary history movies for the classroom provide a great way to provoke discussions and encourage reflection. Movies for world history class like a series called The Day the Universe Changed can be challenging to write about. When writing about world history movies for high school like this one or Becoming Human students may need to get some help. A professional writer at an assignment writing service will follow the instructions closely. Pro academic writers can produce a quality, plagiarism-free essay in a quick time and make it look easy. Try to learn from this entire process and champ the art yourself.

● A documentary film that will appeal to younger viewers is I Am Eleven. It follows 11-year-olds from around the world as they share their thoughts, challenges, and triumphs.
● The Civil War is one of the historical movies for middle school that can enlighten students. Writing about this will involve capturing the emotional impact of the war.
● When writing about US history movies for high school such as Fannie Lou Hamer’s America students need to reflect on issues such as what motivates human rights activists.

Documentaries that tell a story

Documentary topic ideas for students include films that give them a glimpse into different lives of individuals with different cultures and perspectives. When they connect with the stories and subjects, it helps them to develop more empathy and understanding. Here are some documentary ideas for students.

● Life, Animated is a moving documentary film that captures the story of a young man with autism.
● Bully is a documentary that’s difficult to watch but it can leave an unforgettable impact on middle school students.
Using documentaries like these in the classroom may result in students wanting to learn more about how to make their own documentaries. Educators may find themselves teaching documentary filmmaking. This involves aspects like how to develop a story, doing research, and how to conduct interviews. They will also need to learn the cinematic techniques that help to give a documentary its impact.

Inspirational documentary films

Other student documentary ideas include using films that allow them to connect with innovative people and ideas. Exposure to ideas and perspectives from sources outside of their own environments can be inspiring. He named me Malala is about a Pakistani teen who won a Nobel Prize. Malala is an inspiring role model who students will be able to connect with.

Happy is an inspiring documentary film that looks at the causes of happiness. It features interviews with people from many different cultures and communities. This results in the discovery of some of the factors that contribute to happiness. The main ones are social connections, gratitude, and work satisfaction.
I Am takes a look at the world, what’s wrong with it and what to do to make it better. It shows how the small positive changes individuals make can have a significant impact.
My Octopus Teacher showcases a relationship between the filmmaker and a wild Octopus. Students will be in awe of the beauty of the interaction between man and nature.


Using documentary films in the classroom can help educators meet students where they are due to their strong attachment to digital experiences. They can inform, excite, and inspire them. Watching them can change their perspectives on life and may even ignite a desire to take action. Many documentaries targeted at students already include educator resources. This makes them easy to integrate into existing programs.

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