Samsung Galaxy A05s in for review


Samsung’s e entry-level Galaxy A series is ever expanding, and in 2023, the Galaxy A05s brought a very solid upgrade over its predecessor.

The retail package is modest as they come – you get a USB cable and the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A05s in for review

The most notable improvement is on the front, where the Galaxy A05s features a big 6.7-inch PLS LCD with 90Hz of 1080p resolution – up from 720p.

Another big upgrade is the efficient 6nm Snapdragon 680 chip paired with 4GB of RAM. There’s also a 6GB version, but it won’t be available in certain markets, including India.

Samsung Galaxy A05s in for review

The Galaxy A05s is charming from the back. We have the Light Green model and it has a grooved texture running along the panel. It makes it feel nice to touch and makes for an interesting effect under different light.

Like Samsung’s other design efforts, the Galaxy A05s has a clean look on the back without a camera hump. We’ll get down to testing this one and report back with our findings!

Samsung Galaxy A05s in for review


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