New York Lottery Player Wins $10M Twice in Consecutive Years


Posted on: December 8, 2023, 08:06h. 

Last updated on: December 8, 2023, 11:02h.

Wayne Murray has defied the odds, walking away with a huge windfall after securing a $10-million lottery jackpot. The Brooklyn, NY, resident’s win is that much bigger, considering it’s the second time in two straight years he hit a scratch-off jackpot.

A display of scratch-off lottery tickets in a store in New York
A display of scratch-off lottery tickets in a store in New York. A man just won $10 million on a scratch-off after winning $10 million in the same store last year. (Image: Staten Island Advance)

Murray recently purchased two New York Lottery 200X scratch-off tickets from his go-to spot, the H&A Gas & Convenience store in Brooklyn. Murray, an avid lottery player, invested $30 in each ticket.

One of them revealed the $10-million prize. After choosing a lump sum and handing over the state  share, Murray walked away with $6,122,400.

Two Times the Charm

Murray initially got lucky in 2022 when he won $10 million with a Black Titanium scratch-off. That didn’t keep him away from the instant-win lottery tickets, though, and he routinely bought more.

Hassan Nabil, a clerk at the store where Murray doubled his fortune and a witness to both of the wins, described him as a “friendly” and familiar face. He said that last year’s win didn’t change him and that he maintained a low profile.

That’s an understatement, as Murray’s stroke of luck remained a well-kept secret from some of those closest to him. Constance Bryance, one of Murray’s neighbors, expressed her surprise upon learning about both wins. She told the New York Post that she was unaware of his initial score last year until approached for comment following the recent windfall.

The Post quoted New York Lottery officials as saying that the Black Titanium jackpot odds were 1 in 3.53 million. For 200X, the odds are 1 in 3.64 million.

While winning the lottery two years in a row is a significant sign of good luck, Murray has had a lot of good fortune lately. The news outlet added that he lives in a home that he inherited for free from a relative in 2021. He had already been living there for decades.

EuroMillions Offers Biggest Jackpot

There are always additional chances to become an instant millionaire, like through the EuroMillions lottery. Friday night’s draw boasts a historic jackpot of €240 million (US$251.77 million).

This marks the largest prize since the lottery’s inception following a collaboration between France, Spain, and the UK in 2004. The EuroMillions family expanded later that year with the inclusion of Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Sweden, and has since welcomed numerous other participating countries.

To secure the top prize, players must match five numbers and two additional “Lucky Star” numbers. The draw, held every Tuesday and Friday, has garnered widespread anticipation. Each ticket, at €2.50 (US$2.69), offers participants the chance to claim a share of the substantial jackpot.

Friday’s top prize surpasses the previous record of €230 million (US$247 million), which was won by a single ticket holder in July of last year.

For those who can’t play the EuroMillions, there’s the Mega Millions, which has a top prize of $395 million if someone can correctly choose the seven winning numbers.

Players can also consider the Powerball, which will hold its next draw on Saturday. The top prize has increased to $468 million from $435 million after no one hit the correct numbers on Wednesday.

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