Dak Prescott gets his chance to ‘talk sh*t’


Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott
Screenshot: Lead from Behind

Usually it’s football fans and Dallas detractors talking sh*t about Dak Prescott. But in a hilarious twist, it’s now the Cowboys quarterback’s turn — albeit in an ad from Lead From Behind, an organization created by actor Ryan Reynolds and backed by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

The PSA, titled “Talking Sh*t with Dak Prescott” opens up with Prescott talking about how he has taken a lot of crap over the time playing in the NFL, and people bringing up things like being overrated, indecisive in the red zone and having “more turnovers than a bakery.”

“I get it,” Prescott says in the ad. “When you aren’t a fan of something, sh*tting on it can make you feel good.”

The video encourages people who are age 45 and older to talk to their doctor about doing a colon cancer screening, and opting for an option of an at-home test to collect a stool sample.

Prescott then instructs people to put a sticker on the bottom of whatever they hate; whether it be him or some other nuisance, so they can poop right on top of the box, effectively sh*tting on what they despise.

After the sample is collected and set back to be tested, results will come in roughly two weeks.

“It’s that easy to get screened for colon cancer, and make your feelings abundantly clear,” he says.

This season, it’s hard to talk as much sh*t about the Dallas signal-caller, who is part of the MVP convo, having passed for 3,234 yards and 26 touchdowns against just six INTs. The Cowboys are 9-3 and would be the No. 5 seed if the playoffs started this weekend.


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