how to freestyle rap like Juice WRLD off the head barz #shorts


how to freestyle rap like Juice WRLD off the head barz shorts

DISCLAIMER: Please dont come here with weak ears you are welcome to battle rap debate react CREATE YOUR VIDEO i am waiting. I am puerto rican / black rapper / graffiti artist from the bronx.

Federal and state incarceration from 1985 until 2014 in no way i am professing hate speech. This is battle rap in rhetorical articulated poetry to let you know its me. I expect to hear nothing back in comments, unless you are here to battle rap freestyle rap off the head from real life times unlike posers and phonies. I am who i say i am and you can background check my profiles they are real.

I have nothing to lose or gain here but to show i am the one who says you are not good rappers and trappers. If you oppose real rap from a rapper graffiti artist and beat maker. You are welcome to battle rap me @ghettoartiz or here anytime.


Datpiff dot com Discography freestyle rap trap beats and barz

how to make beats and using fl studio fruity loops remastered and bart simpson bro from the simpsons fox tv show inquire for your custom dripsons” bart simpson art” and thumbnail to help with click through and organic growth by being original easy email delivery with invoice with copyrights and file attachment (

Hire me for Graphix /film animation  licensed

Pintrest graffiti graphic art and video making

Beatstars instrumental

Airbit type beats

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suggestive links hot beats smooth melodies and extra crisp hard bronx drumz you can not get or hear anywhere else get yourz today let’s take over the bronx and your hood. I got the full proof plan all you need to do is invest into my process for your own benefit smart homies get it then we split in two and sprinkle the crumbs to our foe’s only real live know

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