Girlfriends Cast Finally Reunites on TV


Girlfriends fans have been literally begging for an official Reboot or film adaptation for years and it’s finally happening. Well, Kinda! It’s Justin Diego back with another Bingeworthy Video & today let’s talk about how Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White and Jill Marie Jones will be reuniting ll years after the end of their hit sitcom on a new episode of Blackish next month.

The Reunion
Tracee Ellis Ross took to her social media to share the news earlier today and I am still shook. (IG Clip)
Captioning her post saying”
GIRLFRIENDS X BLACKISH Golden Brooks, Persia White and Jill Marie Jones my giiiiirlfriends are guest starring on #blackish tuesday, october 8! we haven’t all been together on camera since 2006. these are women i grew up with and love deeply and it was easy tap back into the magic of our chemistry and how much we love each other. it was giggles on top of giggles on top of giggles. girlfriends ran for 8 years and was important to so many people. being able to merge the worlds of Blackish and girlfriends was surreal for me and so much fun.

The giggles will play out on the Oct. 8 episode of Tracee’s ABC comedy in an episode entitled “Feminisn’t.” This is what the network had to say about the episode: “When Bow [Ross] learns that Diane [Marsai Martin] and Ruby [Jenifer Lewis] don’t believe in feminism, she brings Diane to meet the women in her feminist group. Bow’s friend Abby [guest stare Nadia Quinn] thinks the group needs to be more inclusive, so Bow invites three of her girlfriends to join. Meanwhile, Junior [Marcus Scribner] and Jack [Miles Brown] help Dre [Anthony Anderson] after he realizes he is out of touch with modern day feminism.”

I think it’s the perfect time for this to happen and am I the only one wanted a girlfriends Spinoff movie Tv show trilogy podcast after this?

#Girlfriends the TV Show
The show, which aired from 2000-2008 on UPN, is considered one of the most influential TV shows to impact Black culture. It was the first time our generation saw ourselves on television and represented a variety of characters that reflected the diversity of Black women. I remember seeing each and every one of my sisters, my aunts, my cousins, and everything I loved about black women represented on this show and I really never realized how big of a deal that was.

Season 6 of black-ish premieres Sept. 24 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. And yall better join me in STANNING for this iconic Feminisn’t episode that airs Tuesday October 8th where Hollywood will be watching and paying attention to see whether or not we really want them to fund reboots that push the black community forward.
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