Janelee Chaparro from Puerto Rico is Miss Grand International 2013


Miss Grand International 2013 was the first edition of Miss Grand International. It was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 19, 2013. At the end of the event Miss Puerto Rico, Janelee Chaparro was crowned as Miss Grand International 2013. The pageant was televised on Channel 7., with a US$30,000 cash prize going to the winner. Miss Grand International (MGI) aims to become the world’s leading international beauty contest under sponsorship from governments and organizations that will make a stand for the betterment of humanity. The Miss Grand International annual final will be a star studded event broadcast around the world and generating 100s of millions of media impressions, beauty pageants still enjoy a growing TV audience. Over 1.5 billion people have tuned in to see beauty pageants on television last year alone and Miss Grand International will not disappoint viewers, sensational locations, celebrity guests and an innovative new approach will see Miss Grand International become an annual television must see. At the Social Media level Beauty Pageants can be a great success Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide a venue for conversation before and after your events, for your contestants, fans and sponsors. Everyone involved will appreciate having an official space to share ideas, opinions, photos and video. These sites are powerful promotional tools and Miss Grand International is the perfect platform to maximize the power of social media. By becoming a license holder part of that lucrative business opportunity is yours and you become the voice of a peace movement that touches every facet of your community, your country and the world. Miss Grand International is a rewarding experience both financially and personally, it is a great challenge for motivated and hardworking individuals that have an interest in improving the world they live in at many levels with the bonus of building a valuable commercial network locally, regionally and internationally. Miss Grand International events bring the media spotlight where ever they do, from visiting sponsors to public appearances wherever Miss Grand International contestants go the media is close behind. This gives the media savvy entrepreneur that holds the license the ability for massive coverage. That exposure also brings multi stream revenue, guest appearances, sponsors, advertising, broadcasting and more, and over US$61,000 in cash prizes to the winners.

*Miss Grand International 2013 WINNER: Puerto Rico – Janelee Chaparro*
1st runner-up: Dominican Republic – Chantel Martínez
2nd runner-up: Slovak Republic – Denisa Paseciakova
3rd runner-up: Philippines – Annalie Forbes
4th runner-up: Australia – Kelly Louise Maguire

TOP 10:
Brazil – Tamara Bicca
Cuba – Jamillette Gaxiola
Latvia – Kristīne Rancāne
Sri Lanka – Danielle Kerkoven
Venezuela – Mariana Jimenez

TOP 20:
China – Jie Pan
Colombia – Carolina Gonzalez Betancourth
Ecuador – Sulay Castillo
Macedonia – Sandra Stefanovska
Myanmar – Htar Htet Htet
Netherlands – Talisa Wolters
Pakistan – Shazay Hayat
Thailand – Yada Theppanom
USA – Blair Griffith
Zimbabwe – Samantha Tshuma

Miss Popular Vote: Myanmar – Htar Htet Htet
Best In Evening Gown: Dominican Republic – Chantel Martínez
Best In Swimsuit: Latvia – Kristīne Rancāne
Best National Costume: China – Jie Pan


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