CRACKS IN THE CAROLINAS : Unearthing Elgin's Earthquakes


Starting December 27, 2021, over 80 earthquakes have shaken the Elgin community and the Southeast. Our SkyWACH Weather team spoke to experts on what’s going on, how to prepare for it, and even talked to locals about their experiences.

0:00 Introduction
1:23 Earthquake Timeline
3:16 Earthquakes in South Carolina
4:58 Monitoring the Swarm
7:24 Earthquake Trivia
7:50 Leading Through Earthquakes with Elgin’s Mayor
10:40 Living With The Quakes
12:59 Earthquake Trivia 2
13:21 West Coast vs East Coast Earthquakes
13:53 Earthquake Preparedness with SCEMD
14:21 Emergency Response to Quakes in SC
14:47 SCEMD Fun on Social Media
17:54 Earthquake Trivia 3
18:14 Earthquake Trivia Answers
18:53 Closing

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