Is It Too Late For The Leonard 'Christmas Comet' In Diamond Bar?


Is It Too Late For The Leonard ‘Christmas Comet’ In Diamond Bar?
You still have time to scan the skies over Diamond Bar and Walnut to see comet Leonard, which astronomers expect to show off its tail as it comes closer to our planet and the sun in its eons-long orbit.
Because of the timing of its close approach, Leonard has been called the “Christmas comet.” It was closest to Earth around the middle of the month but you may be able to spot it — though the longer you wait, the more difficult comet Leonard will be to see before it leaves our solar system.
Keep this in mind: Comets are “notoriously difficult to predict in terms of brightness and visibility,” according to NASA.
They’re brightest when they’re nearest to the sun, and its glare makes them difficult to see.
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