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Fellowship Creative, a prolific, multi-faceted and faith-based music group out of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, returns with a soaring affirmation of God’s love in “Through and Through” — one of five songs off their 2021 Tried & True EP.

In this episode of Positive Vibes Only, bask in the sweeping harmonies and joyful message of “Through and Through” with a live performance from the band.

For this live rendition of their song, the members of Fellowship Creative sit together in matching white outfits and backed by an enormous projector screen that shows closeup shots of their performance.

At the heart of the performance is a back-and-forth between male and female vocal lines — which ultimately come together for a final chorus of soaring, sweeping vocal harmony, pairing the song’s message with an equally euphoric aural presentation.

The band continues to perform at Fellowship Church every Sunday, in addition to a busy schedule of recording and releasing music. They’ve been prolific, releasing an EP every year for the past three years.

Their most recent release, Til the Day I Die — the follow-up to Tried & True, where “Through and Through” appears — is an exploration of grief and tested faith, inspired by the death of their team member LeeBeth Young.

The oldest daughter of Fellowship Church pastor Ed Young, LeeBeth’s death brought about many big questions and struggles for much of the church family, Fellowship Creative included.

The band mates and the congregation they serve worked through those doubts and challenges together in the church through music — ultimately emerging with a renewed sense of faith.

Press play on the video above to immerse yourself in Fellowship Creative’s musical message of faith, and check back to every Sunday for more new episodes of Positive Vibes Only.

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