How to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Fiona


Two weeks have passed since Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricane Fiona, but the efforts to help the island recover have not ceased. Although power has been restored to 90% of the island, over 100,000 homes remain without electricity.

President Joe Biden on Monday pledged more than $60 million in aid to help Puerto Rico as the island grapples with the devastation Fiona left in its wake just a few days before the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria. When Maria struck in 2017, it left around 3,000 people dead and damaged over 80% of the island’s electrical systems, a disaster that the Puerto Rican people are still feeling the impact of to this day.

As the aftermath continues to unfold, the fastest way to help people on the ground right now is by sending money. A list of those places can be found below. But you can also get involved locally — community organizations continue to accept donations and organize clean-ups.

While some of these initiatives on this growing list are helping from Philadelphia, we’ve also included on-the-ground, grassroots Puerto Rican organizations that could use your help:

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Organizations in Philly

UNIDOS PA’ PR came together in 2017 following the devastation of Hurricane María. Among its 40 Philly-based community organizations, they raised $400,000 to help people on the island at the time.

Now, as Hurricane Fiona’s damage continue to be assessed, the coalition has reassembled. You can donate online at the link here, or by texting PRFiona2022 to 44321. Due to logistics and the difficulties of transportation, UNIDOS PA’ PR is not taking any physical items.

🌐, 📱text PRFiona2022 to 44321

Known as “The Cultural Heart of Latino Philadelphia,” Taller Puertorriqueño is a community organization focused on uplifting and representing Puerto Rico and other Latin countries through art and educational programs.

They are accepting online donations on behalf of Puerto Rican local nonprofits Taller Salud, Comedores Sociales, and IDEBAJO. Funds will support water and food supply, medical services and shelter on the island.

🌐, 📞 215-426-3311

If you are looking to donate physical supplies, local group Philly Boricuas is partnering with the National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce.

The grassroots organization is accepting the following items: Water filters, batteries, flashlights, rope, hygiene products, solar charges, satellite radios and phones, first aid kits, backpacks, wipes, baby formula, diapers, medicine, notebooks, pens, trash bags, and ponchos. To donate, contact Philly Boricuas’ team leader Charito Morales.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce is handling cash donations, including online donations. Also, here is a list of 50 organizations within the Island that are helping people in PR.

🌐, 🌐, 📞 215-847-0256, 📧

Organizations in Puerto Rico

Feminist grassroots organization Taller Salud provides the community with programs centered around gender violence prevention, women and girl’s health, gang violence prevention, community economic development, and post-hurricane recovery.

As PR recovers from Hurricane Fiona, the non-profit has turned its office into a collection center for water, medicine, diapers, and feminine-hygiene products, among other essentials.

They are also accepting donations for the two community kitchens working to provide free meals. You can donate on their website, via Paypal, or with Crypto currency.


BSO was created to help Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane María. Since then, they have rallied to help their community during natural and socio-political disasters. Currently, they are collecting and distributing food, medicine, first aid kits, solar lamps, water purification tablets and hygiene products.

Donate through Paypal or contact them directly by mail.

🌐, 📧

Proyecto Matria is committed to the LGBTQ+ community, people living in poverty, and women experiencing domestic violence. This organization offers multiple community programs aimed at getting people out of homelessness, obtaining legal assistance, finding a job, or receiving support to leave an abusive relationship. When natural disasters strike, victims of domestic violence may be forced to be confined for longer with their perpetrators; Proyecto Matria’s 24/7 helpline for domestic violence survivors helps them find safe shelter. The group also accepts online donations to help with distributing supplies and providing hot meals to families in need.


This non-profit provides education, legal support, and representation to people in Puerto Rico.

After a hurricane, people often have to navigate FEMA resources from the island. Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico helps residents file for assistance, sort out documentation, and handle what do if their application is denied. They are accepting donation to support their work.


Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico is a nonprofit working to eradicate hunger in PR. They run a community kitchen and free groceries program that have kept the community fed through Hurricane Fiona. They will also be delivering free emergency food supplies every Wednesday through October.

Donate through Paypal to support their efforts.


FURIA has been helping the island since 2018 through advocacy and educational programs. When Fiona hit Puerto Rico, FURIA activated its network to deliver supplies and organize cleaning and restoration initiatives. Folks can support their work by donating money to the relief fund.


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