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Ukrainian snipers have released a video demonstrating how they have teamed up with rabbits to kill Russian soldiers. Ukrainian sharpshooters from Sniper group A of the Tsentral (Central) Special Forces unit are reported to have taken out two Russians using the covert method according to the Security Service of Ukraine. The SBU said in a statement: “Combat rabbits trained in Ukraine’s secret services’ covert laboratories lured out a group of Russians during an attack on enemy positions along the line of contact. Sniper group A from the Tsentral (Central) Special Forces unit of the Security Service of Ukraine hit them, killing two occupiers.” It comes as the Ukrainian military reported a missile strike on a Russian base in occupied Rubizhne, Luhansk Oblast has resulted in at least 14 Russian fatalities. The Office for Strategic Communication said: “Rubizhne. According to the preliminary information, 14 mobilised Russians have dressed up nicely in fashionable black bags [i.e., died] due to an attack on the dormitory of a medical university.” The reported number of injured in the strike is still unknown. 


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