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We appreciate in advance your evaluation of the HyperLocal Network presentation at https://speakerdeck.com/hyperlocal/hyperlocal-network.

HyperLocal Network represents a technological advancement in the creation of local food production, local jobs, and food safety technology that is a revolutionary solution to help solve food insecurity, food deserts, and career path opportunities in agriculture, food science, and technology.

HyperLocal is built on the foundation of a successful reference model of a Sustainable Indoor Vertical Aquaponics Farm that is fully operational today in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

With Farm 1 of the HyperLocal Network in place, we are pleased to announce that we have signed an LOI for Farm 2 in Salinas, which is in the HyperLocal Farm Network #1 (the Island of Puerto Rico). This project partner, Putnam Bridge Capital, has committed to funding HyperLocal Farm Network #1 as we build out the Tech Farm Network in Puerto Rico!

We have also signed an LOI for Farm 3 in Cumberland City, Tennessee, which is the first HyperLocal instance in the National Farm Network #2 (United States). You will see in our presentation multiple farm opportunities which are currently being explored.

All of the uncertainty and negative headlines across the globe about coming food shortages are EXACTLY why investors should be moving immediately to invest in the certainty of locally grown produce in the HyperLocal Network of Farms model, whether in the holding company through our Series A Equity Offering, or through Project Financing as described in the Partnering Brochure which we will be happy to send upon your request.

We invite you to come to take a tour of Farm 1 and see for yourself what has been called the “Disney of AgTech” by many visitors who have toured Farm 1. If you can’t make it out to Mayagüez, you can take a Virtual Tour.

We are available to schedule a video or phone call to answer any questions you may have, so please let us know when a good time is and the best email or number to reach you.


HyperLocal Network Team


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