Can Celeste Cortesi WIN Miss Universe 2022? My opinion after meeting Miss Philippines TWICE


Celeste Cortesi is about to start her Miss Universe 2022 experience. If she wins this year, she would bring back to the Philippines a historic 3rd crown within a decade and she would also become the first Miss Universe under the JKN management.

During this video I will answer the question: Can Celeste Cortesi win Miss Universe 2022 and bring back the crown to the Philippines?

I will also share some of my personal insights after meeting Celeste in The Philippines.

Are you excited for her journey?

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00:00 Introduction
01:30 Celeste’s Pasarela Walk
03:00 Celeste’s Beauty
05:30 Celeste’s Presence and Leadership
08:30 Celeste’s Communication Skills
11:18 Can Celeste Cortesi win Miss Universe 2022?
12:24 Final Comments


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