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San Juan – Suiza Dairy, Corp., a leading company in the fresh milk segment in Puerto Rico, announced the inclusion of its new products in its portfolio, which will complement the dishes and desserts Puerto Rican families are used to all year round.

The new products are: Suiza Evaporated Milk, Suiza Condensed Milk, Suiza Coconut Milk and Suiza Coconut Cream. These are just some of the new products that Suiza is already distributing to the delight of its consumers throughout the island.

Delicious desserts such as flan, “dulce de leche” and key lime pie are made with condensed milk. Coconut milk is used, among many other options, to make our traditional Christmas desserts such as “tembleque,” “arroz con dulce,” as well as “arroz con coco,” a popular treat Loíza, and the ever popular “coquito.” Evaporated milk is the everyday alternative in the Puerto Rican kitchen. With it you can prepare quick and easy dishes such as spaghetti carbonara, pumpkin cream soup and chicken in white sauce. With the coconut cream, custards, coconut flan and our authentic piña colada can be made. Finally, our delicious “tres leches” includes both evaporated milk and condensed milk and, if we want it with a little coconut flavor, also coconut milk.

“We feel very satisfied to bring this variety of new products to the tables of Puerto Rican homes. Many of these are used in the preparation and confection of dishes, desserts and drinks. We are convinced that, because of their great quality, they will soon be among everyone’s favorites,” said Egberto “Beto” Torres Cava, General Manager of Suiza Dairy, Corp.

Suiza’s new products, as well as its wide variety of other products, are available at your favorite point of sale throughout the island; supermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores, among others.

Starting January 2023 and throughout the year, new products will be launched on the market in the categories of premium juices, dairy products and many others.

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