Trip report | LAX – Panama City | Copa Airlines Economy class | Boeing 737 Max 9


Welcome to episode 2 of trip reports, today I ride the beginning of my trip to Panama City, My flight was at 1:02 am and would take 6 hours to arrive in Panama, I arrive at LAX around 9:02 PM, checking in took some time away, but we were already on our way to our gate just in time, has to go through TSA obviously, I arrived at my gate 151, and decided to planespot a bit around Tom Bradley terminal, one treat I found was a Qantas 100 years livery leaving LAX to Melbourne, and some other international airlines, after I already saw my plane arrive, not too long after boarding begins, my seat is 20A for the flight, a decent seat eh? There is Business class and Premium Economy with IFE screens, but in Regular Economy, you don’t, but at least you can use the adapter for your electronic for entertainment, and it was also a sort of brand new plane so I expected everything to look new lol. A Boeing 737 max 9, we left the gate around 1:01 exactly, and started heading towards runway 25R, there it took the whole runway to takeoff since it was a full flight, cruising altitude was 39,000 ft, after all the lights were turned off so people could sleep because it was a over midnight flight. the next morning flight attendants served breakfast, which was good! Not too long after we began descending towards Panama, which took 27 minutes, after that, we touched down to Copa Airlines hub Panama City!! One day we touch down, we begin taxing to our gate, 144 at Tocumen airport, the airport is great but lots of wide spaces. Lol. Copa airlines is one great airline, friendly flight attendants, great food, great service, so happy I flew this airline to get my way to Santa Cruz! Flimed June 3, 2022

0:00 Intro
0:22 Introduction to LAX
1:33 On our way to the Gate
2:59 Planespotting around gates
3:28 Our plane arriving!
3:43 more planespotting
6:08 Flight boarding
6:38 Now onboard
7:50 Pushback
8:33 Taxing to the Runway
11:02 Takeoff
13:21 Cruising at 39,000 ft
15:17 Descending towards Panama
17:34 Touchdown
18:32 taxing to the gate 144
19:42 Outro
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