ARLENE mi serenata, película con cuatro y güiro en Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.


Walter Rivera-Santos, a Puerto Rican artist, tells unique stories across 67 years, each on a fifty-square-inch canvas.

Life path dents your soul with intent.
Knowingly, we struggle to keep life away from us
Thinking reality is something you undress and enjoy.

Opening eyes far into age,
we come up to deny the facts
and dress them up
to feel the void we have
The one we created
along a path
that nobody now wants.

Waking up is a dream in itself
there is no life in the dead
More than breath
there’s a soul
Who candidly when away
Not know where
Just a tiny light
between his ears.

Come up and live
There’s no glory there
Beeping your fingers
touching your lips
Tasting the thing

No, there’s no fun there
Just come a feel
another sphere
Not so shiny but fare
One your thoughts
or could be your memory
one day capture
in a tiny light

It is your time
Well, there’s no time
but a deep real matter
One that clicks in you

Deeping your mind
can do a bit
Nor enough to live
But more to teach
while you are here.


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