Our first disaster response mission with the Flex Seal relief team – the Kentucky flood disaster


Thank you to @Flex Seal and the disaster relief team for leading our first response mission to eastern Kentucky after the devastating flash flood event this summer. Flex Seal donated a truckload of supplies and we met up at the Walmart in Richmond, KY where a group of storm chasers and volunteers contributed more supplies. We met up with local hero Chris Hall of Hazard, Kentucky, who set up a supply distribution hub at the Flea Market in Hazard. While delivering the supplies to surrounding communities impacted, we saw firsthand the terrible destruction and human impacts from a flood disaster of this proportion.

As communities in eastern Kentucky still have a LONG road of recovery ahead, and if you would like to contribute to this effort, Governor Beshear has established the following secure website for donations:

Now, yet another flooding mega disaster is unfolding as I post this in Puerto Rico with the passage of Hurricane Fiona. Learning from the mission in Kentucky, we are planning another Flex Seal relief mission to Puerto Rico as soon as we can. Stay tuned for updates.


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