Remembering Ourselves Whole Performance (2.32.2022)


Remembering Ourselves Whole was a series of interdisciplinary personal reflections in the form of an experimental performance. The works were developed in response to a workshop series led by Emily Hooper Lansana. This performance features stories that center intimate explorations of cultural identity expressed through diverse artistic mediums. In addition to storyteller and curator, Emily Hooper Lansana the featured artists are:

Aaliyah Christina an innovator who curates, writes and makes dances that center the Black American femme.

Elizabeth Myles a filmmaker, musician and artist whose work centers community storytelling.

avery r. young poet, songwriter and performer whose work celebrates Black culture focusing on social justice, equity, queer identity and body consciousness.

Gloria Gloe Talamantes a Mexican American graffiti artist, writer, educator and cultural worker who explores ways of connecting art and social justice to promote healing.

Melinda Hernandez aka Linda Sol a Puerto Rican poet, emcee and multi-faceted artist who uses her craft to build community.

Simone Reynolds a Black queer actor, poet and vocalist who explores migration and identity through transportive sound and imagery.

Walter Kitundu a Tanzanian American artist who creates kinetic sculptures and sonic installations, develops public works, builds (and performs on) extraordinary musical instruments, while studying and documenting the natural world.

This series is supported in part by a grant to the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts.

Video created by Elizabeth Myles.


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