Devastation in Puerto Rico neighbourhood made famous by Despacito


(9 Oct 2017) Locals living in La Perla in San Juan, Puerto Rico, one of the areas that was devastated by Hurricane Maria, have spoken of their hope that the neighbourhood will regain its appeal to tourists
The seaside slum that served as the country’s biggest distribution point for heroin was the setting for the worldwide hit song “Despacito,” which has been viewed billions of times since its release in January.
Many tourists visited it specially to see the areas that had featured in the music video.
When Hurricane Maria hit, power lines were ripped away and the water service, rooftops and even the newly installed banners that directed tourists to spots shown in the famed video were also banished.
With tourism to Puerto Rico as a whole abruptly halted, the only visitors to La Perla since the Sept. 20 storm have been people like the US National Park Service workers who came to distribute bottles of water.

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