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Russian forces are building up the number of military vehicles on the border with Ukraine near the Russian-held area of Kharkiv.

Military vehicles transported by rail had been brought to the village of Sobolevka, in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast, according to the analysis of satellite pictures from Planet Labs.

On July 28, the Plant Labs satellite recorded an increase in the number of military vehicles and Russian troops in the village of Sobolevka compared to a satellite image of the same area from June 19.

The satellite also recorded the moment when military vehicles were delivered to Sobolevka by rail on July 28.

The Planet Labs satellite also took images of concentrations of military vehicles near Sobolevka, to the northwest and northeast of the village.

They appeared at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and the vehicle numbers are gradually increasing.

Compared to June, the number of vehicles in this area has not changed greatly, but the satellite images suggest that some of them have moved.

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