Puerto Rico Real Estate RENTAL MARKET


Meet Gerardo Borri, a property management professional in Puerto Rico who manages both short-term and long-term rentals, as well as apartments and condominiums for homeowner associations.

To understand the post-Maria, post-Covid RENTAL REAL ESTATE MARKET and how property management works on the island, we discuss the following:

–How did you get into property management, and how long have you been in the business?

–How many properties are you currently managing?

–What kinds of services do you provide for property owners?

–How often do you check on client properties?

–What kinds of issues typically come up for property owners that may be unique to the island (like frequent AC repairs, mold, constant painting, tenant complaints, other common issues)?

–What are some of the challenges working with tradespeople?

–What do investors from the mainland need to know about how things may work differently on the island?

–What kinds of property do you think are the safest investments/most rentable/best return on investment for mainlanders looking to get started investing in rentals on the island?

–What are the typical property management fees for both short-term and long-term property management?

–How many people work at your company, and what are their roles?

–How do you handle property expenses, rent receipts, and accounting?
How do you handle evictions?

–Will you find tenants for properties, and how long does it take to turn from one renter to the next?

–How do you select prospective tenants?

–Is there anything else a mainland investor should know before venturing into the Puerto Rican rental market?




A free Google sheet to help you compare places to live: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hxvdzwjDQndTqlSG8ZiV3eBrgWu92eFr_2WfCY-Usu0/copy



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