Puerto Rico Latin Food Ingredients at the Market


In this video, I share some of the latin food ingredients that can be found at spanish stores in Central Florida. I came across some exotic fruits that I haven’t had in years. Some of them are quenepas, tamarindo, coconut (green and brown), yautia, yuca. I was so excited to find all these today. I just had to share it with you.

If you are puertorrican, and you are in Florida, be sure to check out your local spanish market. You’d be surprised at all the fruits and veggies from the island you can find.

I even found longaniza from Dominican Republic which my father’s family use to make when I was growing up.

I also found Yaucono coffee which is from the town of Yauco, Puerto Rico. I love that coffee! You can order the Yaucono coffee here! – https://amzn.to/2FdlPtT

Little by little, I continue to find ways to bring pieces of my childhood back. I miss my island and my island food. Going back to the island this past summer has brought back memories of what I left behind in 1994 when I migrated to the main land.

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I love spanish food! Enjoy, puertorricans in Kissimmee!
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Puertorrican in Kissimmee
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