Residente calls J Balvín an 'imbecile' 'racist' in rap diss The feud


Puerto Rican rapper Residente is not mincing words when it comes to his opinion on J Balvín. In a song released Thursday, Residente called out Balvín, an artist he’s clashed with in the past, about his racist depictions of Black women and what he calls Balvín’s lack of artistry, accusing him of not writing his own songs.”You can’t buy respect just because you’re talented, it’s one thing is to be an artist and it’s another to be famous,” the former Calle 13 member raps on the song in Spanish.”Music Sessions #49,” produced by Bizarrap, runs more than 8-minutes long and featured Residente laying out disses against the “Mi Gente” rapper, saying he has left many Black artists “under the drawer” because “In (Balvín’s) rainbow of colors there is no brown.”Balvín experienced backlash in October after releasing a controversial music video for his song “Perra,” which featured the rapper walking Black women on leashes and other people of color being depicted as animals. Balvín later apologized and said he removed the video out of “respect.””He’s an imbecile with dyed hair who put Black women with leashes on their necks” in his video, Residente raps. He also mentioned an award Balvín accepted from The African Entertainment Awards USA in December for Afro-Latino artist of the year rapping, “A white guy who lost his way, all divine, accepting his award for Afro-Latino.”The African Entertainment Awards USA changed the title of Balvín’s honor to best Latin artist of the year after he addressed his ethnicity on social media. Balvín “is a racist and he doesn’t know it,” Residente added in his verse. The Balvín-specific rhymes come as part of a long history of tension between the two artists. According to Billboard and People, their feud began when nominees were announced in September for the Latin Grammys. At the time, J Balvín accused the awards show of discriminating against reggaeton artists like himself despite landing three nominations. In a series of now-deleted tweets, the Colombian artist called for other artists to boycott the Latin Recording Academy. Residente responded to Balvín’s call-to-action in a now-deleted video, dismissing the 36-year-old’s opinion by emphasizing how his boycott would also be a diss for Rubén Blades, who was honored as the 2021 Latin Grammy’s Person of the Year. He then went on to compare Balvín’s music to a hot dog cart, according to Billboard, saying in a deleted video “your music is like a hot dog cart. Almost everybody likes it, but when those people want to eat well, they go to a Michelin-starred restaurant.”Balvín mocked Residente’s insult by promoting his feature on Sech’s “Sal y Perrea” with a photo of himself near a hot dog cart on Instagram. Later the rapper released merch emblazoned with hot dogs for fans to buy with the words “para mi gente.”

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