International Relations this Week for UPSC/IAS | By Prof Pushpesh Pant | Episode – 79


Enrich your understanding of Global Politics, India’s Foreign Policy, International Issues with BYJU’S International Relations This Week by Prof. Pushpesh Pant. The series is designed to help you understand international issues from the perspective of India’s national interests and changing power relations in international politics, for the Civil Services Exam.

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International relations is a very important component of the IAS exam. It is part of the General Studies Paper in the UPSC Mains exam and is also relevant for the UPSC Prelims exam.
• In the Prelims Syllabus, the IR segment is covered in GS Paper I as “Current events of national and international importance”. It is evidently interlinked with the current affairs segment.
• In the UPSC Mains exam, IR is part of the General Studies Paper II.

1. Introduction 00:00
2. Shangri-la Dialogue – 2022 02:40
3. BRICS Summit – 2022 09:27
4. G7 – Summit – 2022 18:15
5. Developments in Africa 26:23
6. Developments in Neighbourhood 36:37
7. Recap & Review 43:34

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