Evaluating The Future Of Xbox Game Pass | Defining Duke Episode 79


The news has slowed that considerably compared to weeks prior, but that’s fine because it gives more room to get in touch with what the audience is thinking. Our collective focus is on the future of Xbox Game Pass where many of your chimed in about a variety of paths that the brand can take. What devices or consoles could it appear on? What regions may it thrive in? Should DLC also arrive for free alongside Day One games? Will Xbox craft their own native handheld and submerge themselves in that market? Indeed, the options Xbox has with this service are quite tantalizing, and so with that we dive straight in. In the lighter news load, we speak on God Of War: Ragnarok filling the void Starfield left behind. Is this a shot from PlayStation? We break it down. Alongside that, it appears any hope of Xbox 360 support is canned as Xbox reaches an inflection point with the strong yet fading Games With Gold.

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0:00:00 – Intro
0:08:33 – Shoutout to Gene Park
0:09:49 – Bethesda is hiring Fallound London leads
0:15:48 – My Hero Ultra Rumble has been announced
0:21:20 – Don’t crack your little man
0:24:19 – Matty is a fake EA NHL fan
0:27:13 – The cult grows
0:29:27 – Will Matty and Cog fight to the death over sponsors?
0:32:26 – What we’ve been playing
0:44:21 – Is God of War’s release date a jab at Starfield?
0:50:05 – Could Game Pass ever make its way to PlayStation?
0:55:41 – How do Game Pass and DLC work together?
0:59:46 – What are the chances of Xbox making its own handheld?
1:04:04 – Will Game Pass exist on other platforms natively?
1:11:25 – Microsoft will be discontinuing Xbox 360 titles from Games with Gold
1:24:48 – The Communication Workers of America have voiced support for the Activision acquisition
1:33:07 – Coming soon to Game Pass
1:43:46 – Polium has announced Polium One, which will serve as a multi-chain gaming console
1:47:26 – A mobile FPS Bungie game could be on the way
1:57:16 – Rockstar is going to work on GTA 6 and nothing else
2:00:15 – Lollipop Chainsaw is on its way back
2:04:34 – Halo Infinite’s co-op beta will begin July 11th
2:09:23 – Ubisoft is decommissioning online features for some older games
2:15:14 – Game Pass pick of the week
2:21:53 – How do we feel about an evolution in turn-based combat?
2:28:36 – Will we ever see a Dreamcast Classic?
2:32:17 – What chairs do we use?
2:39:43 – Is Xbox doing enough for their dormant IPs?


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